the grill

Developing Red Grill House into what it is today was not an easy job. Relentless visits to the finest Chateaux & wineries all over France, Italy, California & South Africa, intoxicating trips to the greatest cocktail bars in London, Tokyo & New York & then of course we had to find the steak... 

Its been a tough job researching & tasting some of the finest meat around the globe. Working in New York Steak Houses, tasting Wagyu in Tokyo, Charolaise throughout France & butchery courses in London, all so that we can offer & cook you some of the finest meat available. 

We care passionately about the food and wine we serve & we hope you come in and see us soon.

cocktail bar

Our upstairs cocktail bar features not only a mind blowing array of spirits collected from all over the globe, but it also frames one of the best views of St Peter Port on the island and is the perfect spot for sundowners... but beware, we will make it hard for you to leave.

The team behind the bar are armed with an ice bucket load of passion and an encyclopaedic knowledge of spirits. Our cocktail menu is updated regularly and features everything from well known classics to unique creations developed by our very own bar staff.

wine cellar

The wine list here at Red is the result of hundreds of arduous hours tasting wines from all over the world and many miles travelling to small and large producers from all four corners of the globe. 

Over the last few years studying and living in Bordeaux, great relationships have been built up with these artisans and negociants, mainly in Bordeaux but also in Burgundy, Spain, Italy and the New World. These relationships and studies have meant we have been able to create a unique, varied and interesting wine list. 


finest ingredients

We have scoured the British Isles & worked with the finest butchers in the business to source only the best quality produce from farms upholding the highest standards of care & animal husbandry. The cattle live in social groups & are fed on grass for the majority of the year. Hormones & re-cycled proteins are strictly forbidden. At Red we will only accept the finest cuts with the perfect amount of marbling. Our meat is dry aged for between 25-30 days & cooked at over 400 degrees on an enclosed charcoal grill for extra flavour.