Wine/ Gin and Tapas tasting evenings


Where:           Take over the whole restaurant or a space at the bar    

Time:              To suit

Price:              Minimum spend depending on budget

Capacity:        Up to 30 people

Catering:        Tapas selection



Private Lunch

Where:           Held in the upstairs bar

Time:              Available from 12pm – 5pm (opens to public)

Price:              No minimum spend

                       No hire charge

Capacity:        4 – 13 people seated

                       60 people standing

Catering:        Canapés , sharing boards or a la carte menu available

                       Bartender available


Cocktail Party

Where:           Held in the upstairs bar

Time:              Available from 12pm – 5pm/ 9pm (opens to public)

Price:              Minimum spend

                        No hire charge

Capacity:        60 people

Additional:     We can provide DJ’s or live music


Wine Tasting

Where:           Held in the upstairs bar

Time:             To suit

Price:             To suit your budget

Capacity:       To suit

Catering:        Canapés included

                       Option for steak and chips main course

Additional:     Choose your own standard of wine

                       Can be educational or fun!


Cocktail Classes

Where:           Held in the upstairs bar

Time:              5-7 Monday to Friday

Price:              £19.50 per person, includes welcome Bellini

                        £29.95 per person, including canapés

Capacity:        Minimum 10 people

Catering:        Canapés available

Additional:     We begin each session with a brief explanation on how we create our unique range of cocktails and then a hands on demonstration. After this the group is split into teams where they will formulate their own original cocktail and come to the bar for their ‘Tom Cruise’ moment. Our bartenders will judge them on taste, name and technique.


Canapés available at RED:   Salt & Chilli Squid, Croquettes, Austrian Sausage, Lamb Lollipops, Goats Cheese Fritters.


Our promise: We will endeavour to make your event unique and special, the above is only a guide as we are very flexible with timings and are happy to work with your budget.

Download our full event brochure here.